Password Policy

Forgotten Passwords
If you've forgotten your password, you can receive a temporary password by clicking the link on the home page. This will take you to the password request page. There, you will enter your user id in the text box, and click the Submit button. If an email address is associated with your account, a temporary password will be emailed to you. If you don't have an email address associated with your account, you will need to contact your account manager or the Imperial Help Desk for assistance. This temporary password does not replace your primary password, so if someone else enters your user id, you can ignore the email and continue using your original password.

New Users
When a new user account is created, an email is sent to that user welcoming them to the Imperial Marketplace. The email will contain their user id, website address, and a copy of the User Guide PDF. A second email will be sent containing an automatically generated password. The new user will be required to change their password the first time they log in.

Need Help?
If after reading this, you find that you still need assistance, please feel free to contact the Imperial Help Desk at (616) 784-1001, Monday through Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm EST and someone will be happy to assist you.